Silk flowers

Place a silk flower bouquet in the middle of the table and all eyes will be drawn to it. Silk flowers are true works of art in your interior. Silk flowers expensive? A beautiful silk flower bouquet is a one-time investment. Silk flowers are high quality, handmade and remain beautiful for years. You don't have to clean vases or consider the light. Artificial flowers stay beautiful in any place in your home. No leaves falling out and drooping heads! Cut flowers stay beautiful for 1-2 weeks and are due for replacement. Silk flowers are durable and top quality!

Artificial flowers and real flowers, indistinguishable

The art flowers sold by Vazen Atelier are indistinguishable from real ones. We love quality and it shows. The petals are made of silk and not plastic. We also prefer not to call our silk flowers art flowers, unless you are talking about Art in your living room by silk flowers! Every detail of the silk flower is given attention. The flower is copied by hand from the original flower. How is the shape of the leaf, where can the veins be seen? The attention given to the silk flower makes it indistinguishable from a real flower.

A silk flower field bouquet as an eye-catcher

Field bouquets or picking bouquets are a real trend in flower land. Get rid of those stiff bouquets where all the flowers are at 1 height and make way for the field bouquet!

Not real flowers, but a silk flower field bouquet that will look beautiful on your home table or bloom on a beautiful side table in a great vase. The field bouquet is made of silk flowers, where there is no fixed structure and the stems are packed together crosswise. The silk flower bouquet can be made in different colors and sizes. This allows for endless combinations and a matching silk flower field bouquet for any interior or workplace.

How do you maintain your silk flower bouquet?

A silk flower bouquet does not need to be maintained. The silk flowers don't need to be watered or put anywhere else! Unless you prefer to see your silk flower bouquet somewhere else of course! Easy and durable such a silk flower field bouquet. Dust is the culprit of every room. Silk flowers don't escape it either. Dust them with a feather duster or put them outside for a while to get the wind through the petals. Don't soak your silk flowers in soapy water. Despite the high quality of this silk flower field bouquet, color fading may occur. This is a waste and unnecessary!

Silk flower bouquet or silk flower field bouquet order?

Making a silk flower field bouquet is from scratch and sounds so simple, but is really a profession! You can order a variety of bouquets from us, which we will put together after ordering and will be in your vase within a few days. We also sell loose silk flowers. A few silk flowers in a beautiful vase is often enough to create a beautiful effect. Would you like to be advised? Vazen Atelier likes to think along with you to see which silk flowers suit you best and get to work for you!