Colorful vases

Colored vases are a wonderful way to brighten up your home. Whether it's a single-color vase or a mix of different colors, they can be a great addition to any room.

Colored vases can visually enhance a room and bring life and color to the space. They add an eye-catching piece of decoration to your home. Vases Atelier has a collection of styles and colors, so you're sure to find something to suit your style. Check out all the vases here. Whether you choose blue, green, or yellow vase, you can always find one that matches your decor. Colored vases are a great way to brighten up your home. And perfect for use as a striking piece of decoration in a living room or dining room, or as an eye-catching accent in a bedroom or bathroom.

There are several ways to style a vase in an interior:

  • As a focal point: Place the vase in a prominent place in the room, such as on a coffee table or dresser. This will make the vase the focal point of the room.
  • In a group: Place several vases together in a group, this can be on a sideboard or a table. This gives a playful effect and can make the room seem larger.
  • With flowers: Fill the vase with flowers that match the color or style of the vase and the space. This adds a natural touch to the space.
  • As an accent color: Use an eye-catching vase with an accent color reflected in the rest of the room, such as in the pillows or curtains.
  • As a work of art: A colorful vase is a beautiful piece of art that can be a real eye-catcher in any room, the combination of color, shape and pattern make it a unique piece that can make a big impact in an interior. Place your vase on a cabinet or bookshelf and it will add a striking accent to the space.
  • As decoration: Use the vase as decoration by placing it on a windowsill or side table. This will create a cozy atmosphere in the room.
  • Combination: Combine different types of vases of different sizes, colors and materials for a playful effect.

It is important to style the vase in a way that suits the style and atmosphere of the room. Playing with different options and, of course, changing flowers or even vase occasionally can make a big difference in the look of a room.

Lemon vase ceramic

Golden vase

Right now, gold vases are totally hip and happening.


A gold vase is an elegant and luxurious accent in an interior, especially when combined with other gold elements. It can also be used to create a rich, warm atmosphere in a room. Gold vases give an elegant and chic look.

But it is not just a decorative piece, the vase can also be used as a flower vase, and with a beautiful bouquet (real or fake) you create an extra luxurious touch.

Gold actually fits any interior, from classic to modern and is a great addition to any room. Take a quick look at our beautiful gold vases on the webshop. We are sure that a gold vase is a must-have for every lover of luxury decoration and flowers. Add a touch of luxury to your interior with a gold vase.

Green vase

A green vase is a beautiful and versatile addition to any interior.

The color green is often associated with nature, growth and health. Placing a green vase in an interior can add a natural and fresh touch to a space. Green is also a calming color, it can create a harmonious and peaceful atmosphere in a room.

A green vase brings peace, balance and a sense of nature and positivity to your home. Search for green vases in our webshop for a large selection of green vases in different styles and materials.

Yellow vase

A striking yellow vase is a real eye-catcher for any interior. Did you know that yellow is the color of optimism, cheerfulness, happiness and energy? It is also the color of the sun, light and warmth. It is a color often used to express positive feelings and to create an optimistic and cheerful atmosphere.

For many people, a yellow vase is indispensable in their interior. A yellow vase creates a cozy and lively atmosphere in your interior.