Ceramic vases

Vases Atelier provides the complete look for your home. For years, we have been the experts when it comes to beautiful, handmade vases made of ceramics. A ceramic vase is luxurious and unique. Every ceramic vase we deliver is different, whatever design you choose.

What types of ceramic vases do we use?

A dire trend in ceramic vases: the lemon vase! Seen them in the interior design magazines and on TV? We make them! A large ceramic vase for the dining table or a smaller one, every vase is made and delivered with the same care. Besides our 'lemon' trendsetter, our other ceramic vases are also a feast for the eyes. 

  • Banana Vase: beautiful handmade ceramic vase. Finished on the outside with yellow bananas and green accents. For sale as both vase and bowl. Your bananas will feel right at home on this bowl! Also a beautiful accessory without flowers or fruit.
  • Strawberry vase: bring summer into your home with this vase ceramic and handcrafted. The green crowns on the strawberries would make you want to eat them, just like the real thing! Prefer one strawberry as a vase? We also have that design in our assortment.
  • Orange vase: each orange has its own shape, what an eye-catcher is this large ceramic vase. Nice with a few branches, but also without decoration this vase completes your interior.
  • Vase with lavender and lavender branches: this designer vase with flowers on the outside instead of fruit. Bring cheer into your home with this designer vase.
  • Lime vase: prefer a quieter color vase? Our vase green ceramic with limes has a beautiful color green and fits any interior. You can combine this vase green ceramic with all colors and types of flowers.
  • All fruit vase: can't choose one kind of fruit? Our all fruit vase solves this problem at once. This vase green ceramic keeps surprising you. From every angle a different piece of fruit.
  • Pomodori vase: do you prefer vegetables to fruit? Our pomodori vase looks great in the kitchen. Another unique design, this vase made of ceramic.
  • All tulips vase: we honor our country with this beautiful tulip vase in bronze. This vase is also handmade of ceramic and has a unique design. Want a less striking color, but unique design? The tulip vase will suit you best.
  • Garlic vase:
  • All peppers vase:
Banana bowl ceramic

Ceramic vases by Vases Atelier

A handmade ceramic vase by Vazen Atelier gives the final touch to your interior. Since 1976 we are the atelier when it comes to making various vases and bowls. Pure craftsmanship, no mass production with us. We are on top of the latest trends and by using our handmade vases we make your interior flourish.