The wholesaler of home decorations: Vases Atelier

In Vazen Atelier's diverse assortment, you'll find an extensive selection of home decor, including beautiful vases and bowls, lighting that sets the mood, furniture ranging from sofas to chairs and tables, and a variety of stylish accessories. Our collection includes everything you need to put together a beautiful collection.

Quirky home decor wholesale

As the home decor wholesale company, we are distinguished by our unique specialization in vases and bowls. At Vases Atelier, we only offer products from our own production lines, ensuring consistency in quality and style. We do not work with outside suppliers, so we can offer a seamless and reliable purchasing experience.

wholesale home decoration

Vases and Bowls: a style all its own

Our focus on vases and bowls makes Vases Atelier a destination for those looking for unique pieces with their own style. Each product is carefully crafted to fit a variety of interiors and add a sense of exclusivity. Our selection allows you to create a collection that stands out and impresses.

Enrich your assortment with vases and bowls

At Vases Atelier in particular, we are all about creating a unique and sophisticated atmosphere in interiors. Our specialty lies in offering breathtaking vases and bowls that add a touch of elegance and originality to any space. Discover our beautifully designed vases and bowls that range from timelessly classic to contemporary modern. These versatile decorative elements are the perfect addition to your assortment and can transform the mood and style of any setting.

Vases Atelier: Your exclusive partner

wholesale home decoration

With Vases Atelier, you are choosing an exclusive partner in the world of home decoration. Our own line of high quality vases and bowls, offers you a unique assortment to choose from. Experience our commitment to quality and design, and make your store a destination for unique home decor.

Enrich your home decorating experience: order online or visit our wholesale store

Would you like to place a business order with Vazen Atelier? Then log in to our business portal. Discover our extensive selection and order all your decoration items directly through our online platform.

Not a customer with us yet? Then simply create a business account and start exploring our product range. If you prefer to get a tangible impression of our products, we welcome you to our store in Heemstede, where you can view a range of home decoration items and purchase them directly.