Lemon Vase

The eye-catcher of the moment and impossible to imagine your interior without: the lemon vase.

Interior design magazines and programs regularly feature this lemon vase, and with good reason. We understand that you too want to own the coveted lemon vase and you can! Vazenatelier sells this unique vase with lemons in different sizes, so there is something for everyone.

Vase with lemon should do

Sleek, Bohemian, Hotel Chic, Scandinavian or cool? Whatever your style, the lemon vase fits and adds color to any interior. The vase with lemons is completely yellow and brightens up the whole house.

This will bring sunshine into your home in the winter and even more sunshine in the summer.

The lemon vase is water-resistant and is great for both real flowers and silk. How about branches with lemons in your beautiful lemon vase? The lemon vase has endless possibilities.

Lemon vase ceramic

Lemon vase is various shapes and sizes

You don't see the same size lemons in the supermarket and so you don't see them on our lemon vase. The vase is covered with different sizes of lemons. No matter how you place the vase, from every angle just a different look. Besides the lemons, Vazenatelier also has different sizes of vases with lemons:

  • Vase 'All Lemons'. Transverse diameter of 28cm and height of 36cm. This vase with lemons is beautiful to put down, with or without flowers. Put the lemon vase down on the table and no other accessory is needed. All eyes will be drawn to this unique vase.
  • Vase 'All Lemons XL'. Transverse diameter of 44cm and height of 26cm. A plant comes out even better in this lemon vase. Put this lemon vase on a round table or under a canopy and 'that's all you need!'
  • Bowl 'All Lemons'. With a cross section of 44cm and height of 12cm, this bowl is like a throne for your fruit. Always filled with lemons, this way you are never empty-handed!
  • 'All Lemons high' vase.
  • 'All Lemons small' vase.
Lemon vase ceramic

The vase as unique

The lemon vase is therefore impossible to imagine contemporary interiors without. No lemon vase is the same, so you own your own unique lemon vase. Vazenatelier makes every lemon vase or lemon bowl itself. Making vases is a craft. Only the best lemon vase of high quality deserves a place in your home. The vase is made entirely of ceramic.

The lemons are made in different sizes and placed on the vase by hand. Then the vase dries and it is time for the lemons to turn their beautiful yellow color.

Feel free to check out our products like the Lemon Vase to see how your future lemon vase is made.


Order your lemon vase now as a pre-order on our site and we'll make sure you have this eye-catcher in your home soon.