Side table marble

A side table marble is an elegant and timeless addition to any living space. The marble surface adds a sense of luxury to the room. Marble is a natural product known for its unique patterns and colors. This makes each marble tabletop unique. Just keep in mind that marble is a soft stone and should be handled with care.

Vases Atelier has several fantastic side table gold marble in its collection. Check out our top 3 best-selling side table gold marble below. Or view the entire collection here.

Side table Blakes

The classic side table with a solid metal base in matte gold and a real marble top is a beautiful addition to any living space. The combination of the luxurious materials, such as solid metal and real marble, creates an elegant and timeless design that fits perfectly in a classic or a more modern setting.

This side table is ideal for use next to the sofa or in a corner of the room. The marble top provides an additional surface for your drinks, books or decorations, and the solid metal base gives the table a sturdy and stable base.

In addition, this side table is also suitable as a coffee table. The combination of its luxurious materials and elegant design makes it a wonderful addition to your living room or sitting room. It is a great place to receive guests or have a cup of coffee with friends and family.


The Cluzet Coffee Table is a unique and flexible option for your living room. This set consists of two tables that easily slide on top of each other, allowing you to customize the tables to your specific space needs.

The base of the tables is handcrafted from high-quality metal in a matte gold color. This gives the table a luxurious and timeless look, perfect for a classic or modern setting.

The table's marble tops are finished in a deep creamy white color. This gives the table a natural and elegant look, and provides a beautiful contrast to the gold base. Marble is a natural product so each table top is unique and gives a special look.

Side table Pluie D'or

The Cluzet Coffee Table is an ideal solution for spaces with limited space, or for those looking for a flexible and stylish table. The tables are easy to move and adjust, and provide an extra surface for your drinks, books or decoration.

Side table Marigold

The Marigold side table is a handcrafted table with a shiny polished marble top. The matte gold base with subtle geometric shapes adds a luxurious touch to the table.

The matte gold base combined with the white marble top gives an elegant look and creates a beautiful contrast. The table is easy to move around.

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Side table Pluie D'or

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