Gold round side table

A gold side table round is the eye catcher at the moment and fits in every home. Do you put the gold side table round in the hallway as a side table with our beautiful ciroen vase and ensure an eye-catcher upon entering? Do you prefer to use the gold round side table as a coffee table? Anything goes with this table and you'll never have a mismatch!

Which gold round side table in your interior?

Vazen Atelier knows which 'must have' gold side table around is hip and happening right now, which one will soon be shining in your home?

  • Amber House Is one of those gold round side tables that will complete your look. This side table is handmade with a metallic matte gold color. Next to the sofa as a side table or a more prominent place in a corner with a beautiful vase, Amber does it! The combination of tough material with the round circles give this table a playful character.
  • Peruqia, handmade and can be used as a side table and even as a small coffee table. The creamy white marble as a top, browse through any interior design store and you will see that marble can't be left out of current trends.
  • Blakes, a cool name for a cool gold round side table. This side table has a solid metal base in matte gold and a real marble top. Great as a coffee table, Blakes creates a hip and timeless interior!
  • Cluzet, 2 coffee tables that can slide on top of each other. Can be used separately, but together they might be more fun! Base is high quality material in matte gold, the marble top has a beautiful deep creamy white color.
  • Pluie D'or, another beautiful pair. Taller and a bit narrower than Beautiful matte gold base with a top you keep looking at, smooth, polished marble. Almost a waste to place an accessory on it!
  • Lorraine, a cute gold round side table made of hammered gold and looks a touch vintage. Handy little table for drinks or a pretty vase.
  • Binoche, an elegant gold side table round. Solid and made of stainless steel in matte gold with a real brown marble top. Binoche will make a statement in your space.
Side table lorraine metal gold

Gold glass side table, for a chic look

Vazen Atelier not only has beautiful gold round side tables, but also a gold glass side table in square and several of them! Perfect for placing in a corner, but also as a coffee table. Because of the glass, this looks a bit more spacious than solid gold with a marble or gold top. Perfect in smaller spaces, this style icon.


The Jenzen series has been a trend in the field of a gold glass side table for years. Available as a coffee table, side table and wall table, matching any interior. The rectangular frame of steel in matte gold with a faceted safety glass, makes Jenzen your new gold glass side table.